Best preparation tips for NEET physics!

Best preparation tips for NEET physics!



Preparing for NEET physics is what every NEET aspirant finds to be most difficult. Remembering all those theoretical formulas and concepts along with solving a variety of numerical problems, the approach to prepare NEET physics is nothing like preparing for Biology. Even after getting the best study material for NEET or enrolling in a NEET coaching institute in Delhi, aspirants still find physics as a difficult NEET subject.

In NEET 2019 paper it was noted that the physics part contained mainly numerical problems and was also one of the lengthiest sections, which definitely made it tougher than that compared to other sections.

In order to score well in the NEET physics part just getting a grip on the concepts won’t be beneficial. You have to get a thorough insight on each and every topic along with the exposure to solving every type of numerical problem.

The physics section of NEET is of 180 marks and consists of a total of 45 questions. To obtain the best result in NEET you have to master the physics part. Follow the below-mentioned tips and suggestions that will help you out with effective NEET physics preparation.

The first step is to know all about NEET physics exam pattern:

  •  The NEET 2020 exam paper will consist of a total of 180 multiple choice questions out of which 45 questions will be of the NEET Physics section. The 45 questions of NEET physics will be basically asked from the syllabus of Class XI & XII NCERT, which are a total of 29 chapters.
  • NEET physics section consists of a maximum of 180 marks; each question is of 4 marks. Each correct answer will be rewarded with 4 marks whereas every wrong question will get a negative marking of one mark which will be deducted from the total score.

Know, which books are important for preparation

If you are enrolled in one of the best correspondence course for NEET or if you are taking regular classes in a NEET coaching institute in Delhi then you must be aware of the study material and books for preparation. But, if you are relying on self-studies you can take help from the NCERT textbook. It is the most recommended book and consists of a variety of questions which you must solve on a regular basis.

Clear your basics

If you have doubts regarding the basic concepts and fundamentals, then moving forward makes no sense. Clear every point step by step only after which you will gain the confidence to move forward with your preparation. Physics is all about numerical problems and theories that know the application of formulas and the concepts behind theories, which will make your fundamentals strong.

Work on test series

Solve as many test series as you can. It gives you a lot of exposure and strengthens your practice on the numerical problems section. For this, you can purchase All India Test Series for NEET which has proven to be quite useful for all NEET aspirants. It helps in 3 broad ways-

  •  It develops your test-taking skills
  •  Helps you in assessing your own preparation
  •  Improves your accuracy and speed

Focus on chapters that are more important

Below mentioned is a list of chapters that are recommended as most important-

  •  System of Particles and Rotational Motion
  •  Current Electricity
  •  Thermodynamics
  •  Ray Optics and Optical Instrument
  •  Work, Energy, and Power
  •  Mechanical Properties of Solids and Fluids
  •  Semiconductor
  •  Laws of Motion
  •  Gravitation
  •  Waves

If you have covered the entire NEET Physics syllabus and looking forward to preparing only for the chapters that are important then follow the above-mentioned list.

Practicing with previous years question papers

Many previous years question papers for NEET physics are available online as a free and paid version. Practicing these questions increase your confidence, eliminates anxiety and gives you an insight into your preparation. Also, you will get a good knowledge of the exam pattern and difficulty level of the questions.


Lastly, make sure to learn all the formulas by heart

Maintain a separate notebook in which you can write and practice NEET formulas. Refer to it every day before solving the numerical problems. Apart from this, also make sure to learn all the definitions for the terms mentioned in the syllabus.

Following all the above-mentioned tips will surely get you the best result in NEET.

Best of Luck!

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