How to enhance your learning skills during NEET preparation

How to enhance your learning skills during NEET preparation?



Every NEET aspirant holds a determined aim to acquire the best result in NEET and to reach that goal they join the best NEET coaching institute in Delhi and hoard on the best study material for NEET.

NEET 2020 is just round the corner and you sure must be busy with a lot of learning and reasoning tasks. Learning is a constant process in which we timely indulge to feed new knowledge in our conscious mind. Learning as a NEET aspirant is different from our daily learning and requires a lot of dedication all the while retaining the concepts that have been learned.

Time and again there have been complaints by the students that even if they learn everything, they are unable to retain. Despite giving the best efforts, students can face difficulties and hard times during the learning process which can make them unmotivated.

So here we have compiled a few tips and tricks which will help you in not just learning your NEET syllabus but also in retaining the whole of it for a long time.

Give yourself some time to understand the study material.

To make the learning process effective you have to get familiar with the study material first. For this you can adopt the method of teach and learn and even switch to digital learning.

  • 》 Apart from the usual books gather knowledge from other resources as well. You can look for some of the best study material for NEET or browse through YouTube videos and some dedicated websites.
  • 》 When going through the study material online you can bookmark the important websites and take notes from it.
  • 》 The option to ‘teach others and learn from it’ has also proven to be quite useful. You can go for group studies and volunteer for the teaching part which will directly help you in getting your concepts clear.

Indulge in a lot of writing work

“Some researchers emphasize on the fact that writing with your hands has got a direct connection with your memory.”

This proves that the more you will write down the learning part the more you will remember. To start with the practice of writing and learning you can follow the below mentioned tips-

  • 》 Get yourself some notebooks, papers and pen/pencil- You can maintain a proper pencil box and keep everything at one place so that it is at hands reach. You need to start by writing down everything that you think is important, while reading or listening to lessons or study material.
  • 》 Prepare proper notes- For every chapter you need to prepare comprehensive notes with bold titles and classifications. Remember that these notes will become a useful revision material in the last few days before NEET exam.
  • 》 Use technology to your benefit- You can save your notes on a virtual platform such as in your mobile phone. This will help you with anytime and anywhere access to your notes for revision.
  • 》 Make use of your creativity and colors- Learning can become a bit easy if you are ready to add your creativity to it. When making notes you can use variety of color ink and highlighters. Make use of bold fonts for titles and create colorful bullets for bullet points. With such things the monotony of learning breaks and your brain is better able to retain what you have learned through imprinting those colored and bold visuals.

Work on your power to focus

Having complete focus at the time of learning is important. Wandering mind is of no good when it comes to dedicated learning so follow the below mentioned tips that will help you out with creating your focus-

  • 》 Keep your mobile phone away, or better switch it off before you sit down to study.
  • 》 Create a fixed time table and follow it diligently. Assign a fixed time of the day for the learning part and follow it every day without fail.
  • 》 Create enough room in your time table for breaks. Break gives you a halt from the monotonous learning process, refreshing your brain for a new start.
  • 》 You should regularly assess your learning. It helps in pointing out the lags and monitoring the growth. You can opt for best online test series for NEET available online or you can also practice with free mock tests.


Right from enrolling into one of the best NEET coaching institute in Delhi to getting top class study material and test series, NEET aspirants are always in search of ways that can make them excel in NEET.

Hope this blog will help you out with your learning part which is very important if you want to get the best result in NEET.

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