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How to get maximum preparation benefit from the previous question papers of NEET?



If your ultimate aim is to acquire the best result in NEET 2020 then you should be focused on the right strategy. “Without knowing about the game you can’t be framing a game plan.” This goes for NEET preparation as well! To familiarize yourself with what exactly NEET is and what to expect from this exam, you need the reference of NEET previous year question papers.

This is the reason why you should piling up on NEET question papers from all the past years after which you need to solve them with sincere dedication.

Solving previous years NEET question papers helps you in more ways than you can imagine.

Below mentioned is the list of benefits that will surely guide you on your NEET preparation all the while highlighting the importance of solving previous year question papers of NEET.

Identifying important topics

The NEET exam syllabus is famous for being extremely vast and includes a plethora of topics that are difficult to be covered completely. You can easily cover this void by solving the best online test series for NEET or previous year question papers which are much easy to procure. Analyzing question patterns according to chapters and topics is a huge help for your NEET 2020 preparation. By taking the reference of question papers you can know which topics are mostly repeated and have got more marks weightage above other topics.


Realizing mistakes

When you have prepared so well then there are chances of making silly mistakes instead of any big mistakes. But NEET is an exam where you cannot even afford to make silly mistakes and this is why you must work on it. By practicing through previous year question papers you can reduce the chances of making silly mistakes as you can easily identify the areas where you are lacking.

Time management practice

If you have been enrolled in some recognized NEET coaching institute in Delhi then you must be getting trained for effectively managing the 3 hours’ time of NEET exam. But if you are preparing through self-studies then nothing can be more effective than solving previous year question papers. You can put a timer of 3 hours and start by solving each one of them. The more you do the better you will be at time management skills!

Creates speed and accuracy

Not just speed but accuracy is also important when it comes to getting the best result in NEET. Solving more and more of NEET question papers regularly helps you in getting more right answers that too in the speculated time.


A sneak peek to your preparation growth

Preparing without assessing your growth makes no sense! You need to regularly assess your preparation growth which can be done effectively by solving previous year question papers. This helps you in keeping a track of syllabus that has been done, needs attention, and is still incomplete. Also, you can compare your scores weekly and get motivated with steady improvement.


Eliminates exam anxiety and builds confidence

Due to extreme anxiety and fear NEET aspirants often tend to make silly mistakes in the main NEET paper which leads to bad grades. It is important to eliminate the anxiety factor only after which you can be sure of performing on the final day with confidence. The faculties in recognized NEET coaching institutes in Delhi make their students solve mock tests and test series which helps in eliminating anxiety. You need to put in the same approach in which previous year question papers can be of big help.

You need to be sure that you have already solved many previous year question papers and you have an idea of what exactly NEET exam pattern is. Being aware of this fact considerably boosts your confidence and helps you in procuring the best result in NEET.

All the best!

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