How to plan your remaining days before NEET 2020 exam

How to plan your remaining days before NEET 2020 exam on 13th September



HRD minister has recently announced a new date for NEET exam amidst the Coronavirus lockdown which is 13th of September. All those students who were enrolled in a NEET coaching institute in Delhi are unable to attend their classes or connect with their mentors in a face to face learning environment. But, this is the time when NEET aspirants have got a bright opportunity to resume with their revision work and prepare in a much better manner so make full use of it.

Even if this period of quarantine is making us feel lazy or killing our motivation still you need to get through it with equal motivation and continuing exam practice. To make this period more systematic and useful for you, here few points have been mentioned that will help you with it-


Divide your remaining days through a detailed study plan

This is the time when you need an organized study plan that will guide you through these remaining days. Be clear about what chapters are left to revise, and what all test series are left that needs to be attempted. Mention the days when you will be picking up each topic and test series and follow the schedule religiously.


Revise daily from the revision notes or NCERT textbook

To make all the learning stay in your mind you need to revise your notes daily. You can also take help from the NCERT textbook as it has got the complete syllabus covered and you can get your concepts cleared from there. Also, you can get some best study material for NEET online which is helpful for revision. This also goes with the formulas, subjects such as Physics and Chemistry have got lot many formulas and you should keep revising them daily.


Enroll yourself in a distance learning course for NEET

Due to lockdown all the educational institutions are closed but distance learning course for NEET can help you a lot. They provide online live classes, comprehensive revision packages and test series along with study material that helps you study in the last few days before exam. So if you are confused as to how to go about with the self-preparation option then the distance learning course is best option for you.


Make use of reference books to solve MCQs

Every NEET aspirants has got a set of reference books which they accumulate throughout the years of their NEET preparation. This is the best time to make use of it! Solve all the MCQs in those reference books and practice your time management skill. NEET exam is mostly about how well you can utilize your single minute on each question and solving MCQs will increase your confidence on it.


Make sure that you have completed the entire syllabus

If you didn’t get the chance earlier to complete your entire syllabus and you left few topics then grab this opportunity to cover the complete syllabus of NEET 2020. Don’t ignore any topic because you think it won’t come in the exam or is difficult to prepare. If you face any queries then you can join some free learning platforms and interact with other aspirants and mentors to get your queries answered.


Solve as many previous years’ questions as you can!

NEET aspirants are habitual of solving mock tests and previous years question papers and this is what they still need to continue with. It keeps you in continuous practice and what is better than being fully prepared and confident for the exam for which you have been preparing from so long and aspire to achieve.


Lastly, make sure that you are physically and mentally healthy

Health is above any exam or dream. Remember that health is wealth and the most important thing to take care of. Try to do meditation daily and don’t let the exam anxiety overpower you. Also, make sure to eat healthy and sleep properly, good health will keep your mind healthy as well so make your health a priority.


So right from getting best study material to enrolling yourself in a distance learning course for NEET, you have still got many options to prepare well for your NEET exam even when the whole nation is in a lockdown state. So don’t lose hope and keep preparing with the help of above mentioned suggestions and tips.