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How to remember NEET Biology diagrams? Top 5 tips!



We all remember those days when making a heart diagram and labeling it used to give us a real harrowing time! Well many of us have bifurcated to different fields but NEET aspirants are still in that situation. When it comes to acquiring best result in NEET, then learning and solving problems is not just the only concern, learning biology diagrams is also important.

Biology diagrams hold a lot of weightage in terms of marks and are a significant part of practical and theoretical studies in NEET. Many times NEET aspirants skip the diagram part and move on with their preparation, but diagrams hold equal importance just like all the other topics/subjects.

When being enrolled in any of the best medical coaching institute in Delhi, aspirants are separately taught on how to prepare for the diagram part and how to memorize all the labels.

But, if you are into self-study or have enrolled for a distance learning program, then following tips on how to remember biology diagrams will definitely be a big help for you.


Make a note of all the Biology diagrams that are important.

There are few diagrams in Biology that are sure to come in the NEET exam. You can refer to some of the best study material for PMT or can check the previous year’s question papers to identify them.

Here we have provided a list of some important NEET biology diagrams for your reference-

Tissues, Structure of Nephron, Cell, Cross Section of a Leaf, Stomata, Internal and External Structure of Heart, Human Digestive System, The Human Brain, Respiratory System, Human Reproduction of both Male and Female, Structure of Endocrine Glands of both Male and Female, Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants.


Practice every day.

For memorizing even the most complex diagrams the best way is to practice every day. “Practice makes a man perfect” and this is a definite case with NEET biology diagrams. Select a few important diagrams every day and make sure to assign a specific time to your diagram practice. If you are drawing and labeling the diagram regularly then it becomes a visualized picture in your brain which is easy to put down on the paper during the NEET exam.


Make a list of parts that needs to be labeled along with their respective functions.

It is better to learn the diagrams by clarifying the concepts. Once you start memorizing the labels through the functionalities of the parts you will have a more clear idea about it. Make a comprehensive list for every important diagram which must contain all the labeling parts and their specific functions. This way you won’t just memorize the diagrams but also find help in the theoretical part of Biology.


Practice for making neat diagrams

Learning the labels, being aware of the functionalities and knowing where to place what in a diagram…is all important, but we should not forget about the neatness part. Many experts at NEET coaching institutes in Delhi give special emphasis on making the aspirants practice for drawing neat diagrams.

NEET aspirants should put a little stress on their drawing and sketching skills if they want to acquire more marks in NEET. When the diagram looks neat, it is easier to recognize it and every part that is marked can be clearly visible which is of course very important.


Refrain from tracing the diagrams

Tracing the diagrams makes no sense when you have to actually draw it in the main exam. Instead of leaving such an integral part of NEET on the last day practice you must start from the very beginning of your preparation. Tracing of the diagram is not at all helpful and will only make your practice of no worth, instead try to make only handmade diagrams. Even if the diagram is difficult or has many complex structures still a lot of practice will make it perfect.


Memorizing NEET biology diagrams is basically all about practice. It doesn’t matter if you are enrolled in some best medical coaching institute in Delhi or if you are a distance learner; you have to practice NEET diagrams at home. When moving forward on your aim to acquiring the best result in NEET, you mustn’t leave any possible chances and that includes drawing a well labeled and neat diagram which can fetch you good marks.

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