Last-minute preparation tips for every NEET aspirant!

Last minute preparation tips for every NEET aspirant!



With a long time NEET preparation coming to an end, many NEET aspirants feel a high level of anxiety and nervousness. Enrolling to renowned NEET coaching institute in Delhi, acquiring best study material, following a fixed time table and what not…does an aspirant do to get the best result in NEET. But what is done in the last minute preparation leaves the ultimate mark in your NEET success.

Prior to the NEET exam the last week holds a lot of importance and whatever is done in that period should be planned well in advance. No doubt that you have to make a few changes in the time table that you were following for so long, but it is only for the best of outcome.

Below mentioned preparation tips are a “must follow” in the last week prior to NEET exam-

Plan your revision strategy

You must have started the revision well in advance but the revision strategy which you will follow in the last week needs to be different. Avoid following any sort of exhaustive schedule and don’t stress on learning any new concept or fundamental.

If you have enrolled in some crash course then they provide you with some specially designed All India Test Series for NEET and even study material for last week’s preparation. You can opt for that, or if you are relying on self-studies then only focus on the few topics that have been marked as important. Covering the entire syllabus will only increase the stress decreasing your efficiency.

NCERT should be kept handy

NCERT is your absolute go-to book for the last-minute NEET preparation. It has been designed in a way that makes it suitable for the NEET aspirants. Its multiple-choice questions, clearance of concepts and theory questions have all been designed on the NEET pattern.

Avoid referring to any other book and only follow NCERT as it will provide you with the best material for your end preparation.

Get professional help

If you are still facing any doubt or not sure about a concept, then try to get help from an expert/professional faculty. In such a case you should strictly avoid taking help from a fellow student as it can increase your doubt problem or make you more confused.

If you have been enrolled with some NEET coaching institute in Delhi then you can seek help from the faculties over there. They have got a similar experience and they know well how to help you.

Maintain a healthy mind and body

It doesn’t matter how well prepared you are if your body is not well and you are unable to cope with the stress. Bad health or stressed mind can become the reasons for your bad NEET result. Following a balanced diet, taking enough sleep and indulging in some hobbies is an absolute necessity which you should not avoid. This will keep you focused on your goal and will also increase your overall efficiency.

Practice on time management

Till the very last day before the NEET exam, you shouldn’t stop practicing time management skills. Remember that you have 180 questions to attempt in just 3 hours of time, which means that you need to cover one question in one minute. If all along you were preparing with some of the best study material for NEET then you must be aware of how to manage your time. But you need to be in practice as this is one of the most significant steps in acquiring the best result in NEET.

Lastly, you should remain confident and stress-free. Take a deep breath before starting the test and follow each and every method that you have been practicing for so long.

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