Last minute preparation tips for NEET

Last minute preparation tips for NEET 2020 Aspirants!



With NEET exam date closing in many NEET aspirants must be feeling a high level of anxiety and nervousness. Enrolling to renowned NEET coaching institute in Delhi, acquiring best study material, following a fixed time table and what not…does an aspirant do to get the best result in NEET. But what is done in the last minute preparation leaves the ultimate mark in your NEET success.


So follow these last minute preparation tips to get the best result in NEET 2020


Plan your revision strategy

  • Avoid following any sort of exhaustive schedule
  • Don’t stress on learning any new concept or fundamental.
  • Follow some of the best online test series for NEET, designed for last week’s preparation.
  • Focus on the few topics that have been marked as important


NCERT should be kept handy

  • Go through all of its theory part by heart and re-revise it in the end
  • Highlight important points in the book itself
  • Be consistent and avoid switching to other books


Get professional help

  • Try to get help from an expert/professional faculty for the queries.
  • strictly avoid taking help from a fellow student
  • Mention your points separately and clearly to avoid any confusion
  • Do not underestimate or avoid your query


Maintain a healthy mind and body

  • Follow a balanced diet
  • Take enough sleep at least of 6 to 7 hours
  • Do pursue your hobby, take out time for it
  • Try meditation as a therapy for anxiety


Practice time management

  • Keep a stop-watch handy to time your mock tests
  • Break 180 minutes (3 hours) according to 180 questions
  • Try to solve one question in one minute


Lastly, you should remain confident and stress-free. Take a deep breath before starting the test and follow each and every method that you have been practicing for so long.

Best of Luck!