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Learn how to strengthen your weak topics for NEET!



NEET syllabus is quite vast and often aspirants face the difficulty to understand few topics which are then ultimately dropped in the weak topics list. Some of the best NEET coaching institutes in Delhi specifically train their students to tackle difficult concepts, yet sometimes students fall behind on certain topics.

Being a NEET aspirant you definitely need a logical strategy to cover up the entire syllabus effectively. Right from covering up the lengthy theory part to mugging up formulas and practicing with test series… a lot of input is needed here!


So let’s discuss how you can strengthen your weak topics all the while managing your time that goes into syllabus covering efforts-


Break a topic into subtopics and then start learning

Instead of covering an entire difficult topic in one go try to break it down in short parts. Memorize each part 2 to 3 times to better retain it in your long term memory. If that part consists of any diagrams then draw them separately and try to visualize it. Memorizing complicated terms can also become a challenge so translate them in a simpler language with which you can easily associate.


‘To learn any topic start from scratch

There can be a few topics that might have some prerequisites that need to be learned first. It can consist of some intro topics, exclusive terms, or basic concepts that have to be learned only after which you can move forward on it. So read such essential prerequisites first and don’t think of ditching on them.


Take help from the examples

Every concept or theory part mostly consists of some examples so try to understand them first. Examples help you relate concepts to the real world after which it becomes easy to understand and learn.


Take help from a teacher or an experienced mentor

If you are enrolled in some NEET coaching institute in Delhi then you can take help from your teacher. In case you are into self-studies then you can contact a mentor through an online platform and resolve your queries from there. The motto of this point is to let you know that struggling with a concept or ignoring it completely is not a sensible solution and you must seek help for it.


Attempt questions only after getting your concepts clarified

Aspirants mostly have some of the best All India Test series for NEET preparation but you must solve them only when your concepts are clear. Directly jumping to solve the questions can make you feel under-confident and frustrated so avoid putting yourself in a demotivating situation.


Revise weak topics regularly

You can assign a separate time from your daily or weekly schedule for revising the weak topics. Apart from continuing with the whole syllabus revision you must pay extra attention to the weak topics and must revise them regularly for better retention in long term memory.


Do not ignore the weak topics by thinking they are not important

“This topic is quite difficult I must avoid it, anyways it might not come in the exam” This is the thought of many NEET aspirants when they come across a difficult topic. This is the most common form of procrastination and must be avoided at any cost. Don’t forget that you aim to score full marks and such thoughts will only pull you down.


Persistence is the biggest power

Keep patience and be persistent in your learning part. When you don’t understand anything then try to concentrate more rather than just leaving it aside. Keep yourself motivated to work on weak topics and try to achieve your aim with consistency and patience.

So if you are enrolled in a distance learning course for NEET or have been going to a regular NEET coaching institute in Delhi, these points will definitely help you to sort out your weak topics.


Best of Luck!