NEET Preparation Tips for Droppers!

NEET Preparation Tips for Droppers!

There are many aspirants who are unable to excel at NEET exam in the very first attempt and drop a year to appear for NEET again. Even after enrolling to NEET coaching institute in Delhi or acquiring the best study material for NEET, aspirants still fail to achieve good scores and it is only normal. Getting best result in NEET can be a challenging task which requires not just preparation strategy but also strong determination and positivity.

If you are also one of the droppers looking forward to appear for NEET 2021 then get ready for all that preparation again. Now is the time to score more than you did in the previous exam to get yourself in the dream institute and you must prepare for it well.

However, several thoughts can keep you worried such as what will my friends say? Will i be able to excel in the second attempt? What if I fail again? Such questions can cause anxiety and uncertainty about the future hampering your journey towards success.

Certainly there is no reason to be anxious and big achievements definitely take some time to happen. Moreover, you are at an advantage being a dropper as you have got the firsthand experience of what exactly NEET exam is.

Now all that you need to do is to focus and get your position in a renowned medical college. If you are puzzled as to how to begin with the second round of preparation then here is an elaborate guide for you!

We will share some of the most effective tips on how to prepare for NEET 2021

#Tip-1 Eradicate the fear of failure

Before you begin with an all new round of NEET preparation reset your mind for a fresh start. Eradicate any sort of insecurities of being a dropper; instead use it as your strength to achieve lot better marks than before. Rather than seeing the entire picture from a negative view point, look at it under the positive light and then begin with the preparation.


#Tip-2 Create an inventor of your current position and where you want to be

In short, you need to thoroughly evaluate your preparation done for the previous NEET exam and how much you need to cover now. Make a list of your strong and weak points in terms of NEET syllabus and what are your goals for the coming NEET exam. You must have a target score to reach which needs to be written down.


#Tip-3 Assess your last year’s mistakes

This is one of the most important steps to be done by every NEET dropper. Pointing and eliminating the last year’s mistakes will significantly increase the chances of being successful in the coming NEET exam. Here we have mentioned few of the possible mistakes that might have been a part of your preparation agenda-

  • Not being enough serious, enthusiastic or motivated
  • Putting too much focus on one subject or topic whereas avoiding the others
  • No practicing enough of All India Test Series for NEET
  • No fixed preparation strategy
  • Using too much of mobile phone and social media even when studying
  • Not focusing on some of the best study material for NEET
  • Not giving enough weightage to NCERT
  • Avoiding to revise the 11th grade syllabus

This step is all about honesty! Be honest enough to point out your mistakes only after which you will be able to succeed this time.


#Tip-4 Create a smart study plan

A proper study plan takes you on a definite path of preparation which you can totally trust. Create a strict study plan with fixed deadlines which will help you track your progress. Few things to mention in your plan are-

#Tip-5 Enroll yourself in some best medical coaching institute in Delhi

Coaching institutes have their own eminence in the life of NEET aspirants. You cannot undermine the importance of how well NEET coaching institute in Delhi prepare the aspirants to achieve top scores or cannot even substitute it with some self-preparation strategy. Definitely self-preparation is effective but when you blend it with the learning at coaching institute the chances to achieve success increases.


#Tip-6 Consistency is mandatory

Now that you have created a time table then sticking to it is also a major requirement. Don’t make any illogical excuses of not following the plan. Also, make sure to leave some rest hours in the time table when you can follow any of your hobby or just sleep. If any of the social engagements disturb your schedule then say a clear “NO” to it.

On top of all, do remind yourself the reason “why you are doing this?” It is all because you dreamed of it once. It was your motto to become a part of a renowned medical institute and still you hold this dream close to your heart. So don’t dwell on any negativity and just go for achieving the best result in NEET!

All the best!