NEET Quarantine revision plan

Quarantine revision plan for all NEET 2020 aspirants!



National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) – 2020 was about to be held on 3rd of May but due to sudden outbreak of COVID-19 new exam date had to be announced, which is 26th July. This postpone in exam has given more time to the NEET 2020 aspirants for brushing up their preparation. Whether you are enrolled with a distance learning course for NEET or you were going to a NEET coaching institute in Delhi, this quarantine revision plan is for you!

Quarantine period has emerged as a boon for NEET aspirants giving them ample of time for better preparation. But maintaining a disciplined study pattern when everybody around is just lazing around can also become a challenge.


Here you will get the tips on how to create a study schedule and make the best use of this quarantine period-


Prepare a timetable

Being a NEET aspirant you definitely know the importance of time table by now. Well quarantine period is no different and you need a timetable yet again. Classify your everyday activities and assign them with fixed hours. Also, select chapters and topics that you need to revise and distribute them according to days and hours of preparation. Make sure to follow the time table diligently and leave some space for your hobbies as well.


Create your next day study schedule a night before

This is the best way to keep you motivated and driven. You would know what your goals are for the next day and you can follow them as per your schedule.


Cover all the subjects in a day- chapter by chapter

NEET covers three subjects- Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The syllabus is vast and not even a single chapter should be left undone. The way to cover all of it in revision schedule is to select one chapter every day from all three subjects and give your time to it.


Prepare from NEET test series

The strict lockdown across the nation has closed all offline modes of education but NEET aspirants can get their hands on some of the best online test series for NEET.

NEET test series are very useful when revising the whole syllabus and you should go through it every day. Pick up one topic everyday and once you are done revising test yourself by solving a test series.


Mark the topics according to the level of importance

Last year question papers and revision series available online can help you in sorting out the topics according to their relevance. Some topics are more important than others and you must put them on the priority of your revision schedule.


Divide topics into sections

Some topics tend to be lengthier than others and revising them in one go can become straining. Dividing the topics into sections gives a better approach and you can cover the complete topic without getting confused or forgetting the concepts.


Check off the completed topics in the timetable

When covering such a vast syllabus students can often get confused that how much has been done and what remains to be done. By putting a mark on the completed topics you can move forward with the revision without any confusion. The topics can be considered as “revised” only when you have also solved the topic based test series, not before that.


Make sure to reward yourself

Goal and reward based learning has proven to be more effective than other forms of learning. Fix some form of rewards such as treat or an extra free hour that you can enjoy once the topic on your “to-do list” has been done and completed. This form of motivation will always keep you inspired to achieve your goals for the day.



With the shutdown of all educational sectors including NEET coaching institute in Delhi and around the nation, NEET aspirants are dependent on online classes and various distance learning course for NEET. This is the time when self motivation and strong planning will help all NEET aspirants to achieve their goal and above mentioned tips will help them out with it.