Tips and strategies to apply when attempting NEET question paper!

Tips and strategies to apply when attempting NEET question paper!



Being nervous or stressed in the examination hall can ruin your entire hard work and all year preparation. Some students zone out of their concentration level and some forget everything that they have learned due to sudden anxiety. One of the methods to avoid these situations is to strengthen your practice with the All India Test Series for NEET.

Rest, you can back on the below mentioned suggestions and tips that will definitely help you out when you will get the NEET question paper in hand.

Tips for just before the starting of the exam

  • Practice some stress-relieving exercises such as deep breathing. Remain cool and confident. Keep in mind that this is not the time to take stress but to be confident of whatever you have learned and practiced till now.
  • You can pray before the exam. Praying boosts your confidence and brings a sense of fulfillment. If you have any idol or inspiration then think of him/her for getting the much-needed confidence.
  • Make sure that you go through all the instructions mentioned on the sheet.
  • Take a glance at the entire question paper once and analyze the areas of doubt (if any).
  • Be careful when filling the OMR sheet.
  • If by chance you have made a mistake in filling your OMR sheet then don’t get tensed. Ignore and move forward to other questions. Don’t let one small mistake to ruin your whole exam.
  • Start answering with the questions you are most confident about, and then move forward with solving the other questions. This will build confidence in you as you will feel happy about starting with good progress.
  • You can start by attempting the biology questions. They are always a bit easier in comparison to the ones in the physics and chemistry part.
  • If it is taking too much time to solve a question then move to the next question remember that you have got a very limited time which you cannot afford to waste, no matter what.
  • Keep your focus on the exam. Don’t get distracted and avoid any type of provocations or unwanted attempts by other students who will be giving the exam along with you.

Subject-based question paper solving strategy-


  • Read the questions thoroughly and be sure that you have understood the question before giving the answer.
  • Take note of words like “except”, “not correct”, etc. as they can be confusing.
  • If any specific instruction is given with the question then read it carefully.
  • Go through the answer options carefully and make proper reasoning as to why the answer is wrong or right.


  • Mark any key points in the question paper.
  • Do any rough work in the space provided. Don’t use too much space in doing rough work and try to do it in short.
  • Make sure to avoid any sort of arithmetic carelessness.
  • During the conversion of units don’t make any silly mistakes.



  • The numerical that have got complex calculations should be left to be done in the last.
  • The questions that are simple to attempt should be done first and that too in lesser time.
  • If there is an option that matches the approximate value of your numerical calculation then opt for that.


  • The questions that are asked in the Inorganic chemistry section are mostly from the NCERT book.
  • Don’t waste too much time on doing simple questions as you need to save time for the more difficult ones.
  • All questions are mostly based on facts so avoid making any sort of guesses.


Anybody who has been enrolled in a NEET coaching institute in Delhi is well trained in advance to handle any sort of situation during the time of giving the test. But still, it is always important to be extra careful and only then can you get the best result in NEET.

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