tips to effectively prepare for your NEET exam amidst COVID-19 Crisis!

Tips to effectively prepare for your NEET exam amidst COVID-19 Crisis!



NEET 2020 exam has been postponed many times by now and the recent date (new date) announced is 13th of September. With so much delay and uncertainty, many NEET aspirants have started to lose track of their preparation. Also, with the shutdown of coaching and institutes, they are not getting the source to connect with their educators and get proper assistance.

So many hurdles are definitely putting a setback to NEET aspirant’s yearlong preparation but distance learning course for NEET has proven to be a suitable alternative to offline classes. Multiple types of online channels and live classes have been established by some of the best NEET coaching institutes in Delhi which are providing top preparation curriculum to the aspirants.

Important tips to use your online classes to the best of its purpose!

We all know that social media is a huge distracting factor in all of our lives. Most of our mobile phones are overflowing with WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube notifications and when it comes to taking an online class, this factor becomes the drawback of it.

So to avoid such hindrances and get the fullest out of your online class you must follow these tips-


  • Before the start of the class disable all the notifications or your laptop or mobile phone (whichever device you are using) so that you can entirely concentrate on your lessons rather than peeping at your notifications.
  • Make sure that you have the availability of a steady internet connection so that you don’t have to pause or reconnect to the online class.
  • Assign a proper place in your house for your online classes. The specifics of that place should be– It should be a well-lit room or a corner
    – Should not have any sort of background noise or disturbance
    – Should have a proper table chair setup
    – Shouldn’t consist any sort of distractions
  • Keep a pen and paper handy so that you can solve a numerical on the spot if asked to do so by the teacher.
  • Maintain the discipline of the offline class even when you are in an online one. Dress up and try to be attentive, ask your queries, and be prompt as you would be in an offline class.

Many times it so happens that students are in a misconception that the teacher might not be paying individual attention to every student, well this is wrong! Teachers are quite attentive during online classes; also they have access to a grid view in which they can very well see every participant of that particular online class. Your gestures, attentiveness, and facial expressions are visible to the teacher as it is in offline class mode.

Another important tip for an online class is that the students don’t have to copy down the notes. Teachers mostly provide you with the links of some of the best study material for NEET and in case you wish to go through the online lecture then you can avail its recorded version anytime on the app itself.

Along with the online class tips, you must also follow certain revision note making tips as they are handy to map your preparation in the last few days before the exam.


  • You should create notes in A4 size sheets rather than in a notebook or a notepad. You can clip the sheets together and carry them anywhere you want without losing the track on your revision.
  • Do not replicate the exact text from your notebook, instead, you should prefer to write the same concepts or theories in your own words which will be easy to remember and connect to.
  • Use different color markers and highlighters when creating your revision notes. This breaks the monotony when revising through sheets and creates more interest in learning.
  • Apart from your usual books, you can also take help from some of the best study material for NEET when creating revision notes.
  • If your teacher is repeating a few points in the online lecture or has indicated you that a particular point is very important than mark those in your revision notes with a highlighter.


If you were enrolled with a NEET coaching institute in Delhi and the COVID-19 lockdown made you restrict in your home space then distance learning courses for NEET or online classes are some of the best alternatives that you have got.

But do remember to take some time off and also pay attention to your health. Even though the time is a little rough due to this pandemic situation but then we can always rely on the very famous saying “This too shall pass!”

Best of Luck!